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Dually Series 6' to 18' Tele Pole with Both Outside Thread & Internal Cam Lock - 9018

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Dually Series 6' to 18' Tele Pole with Both Outside Thread & Internal Cam Lock

The Dually was created when we realized there was a demand to make a hybrid out of the 5000 series internal/external locking mechanisms. With this pole you can lock both external and internal locks for more locking power on jobs that demand the most. You also have the option to only use one of the locks for quicker and lighter jobs.

This pole is equipped with both a Nylon Outside Thread Lock and a Internal Cam Lock. 

Outside Lock has been an industry favorite since 1959 and is made of the strongest plastics ever made. The nylon male fitting is pressed onto the outside tube with a ton of pressure, so it won’t fall off. The female and ferrule fittings are easily replaced when worn.

The Internal Cam Lock is made with a unique cam plug that has been pressed into the inside pole and has a cam or shoe that is easily replaced when worn. 

Skimlite takes pride in manufacturing high end service and commercial poles that will hold up to everyday use and can be depended on in even the most demanding applications. We understand that when it comes to cleaning a pool a pole is one of the most important tools for any professional.  Not only is a pole one of the most important tools, but we also understand the importance of a dependable pole that fits individual and specific needs. 

  • Color - Silver
  • 3 Piece Pole
  • Extends from 6' to 18'
  • Dual Lock (Outside Thread Lock & Internal Cam Lock)
  • Commercial Grade Tubing
  • Sold As A Case Of 12

**This Pole is sold through distribution only. If you would like to purchase one of these poles please CLICK HERE to find a local distributor or retailer.

*** All Pole Lengths Are Approximate

Replacement Parts

  504 Cam Shoe     

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