Homeowner Series

Here you will find some homeowner options that utilize the same locking mechanisms that many pool professionals use on a daily bases all over the United States. All homeowner poles are thinner and lighter than our service poles, but still have the high quality 100% USA made materials. This line was made for the homeowners who are looking for better equipment and are sick of the junk typically sold at box stores.

1612 – (6′ to 12′ EliptiLock)
1612e – (6′ to 12′ External Lock)
1612nic – (6′ to 12′ Internal Cam)
1815e – (8′ to 15′ External Lock)
1815nic – (8′ to 15′ Internal Cam)
1004 – (4′ to 8′ EliptiLock)
1006 – (6′ to 12′ EliptiLock)
2006 – (6′ to 12′ External Lock)
1008 – (8′ to 15′ EliptiLock)
2008 – (8′ to 15′ External Lock)
1012 – (6′ to 12′ Snaplite™)
1016 – (8′ to 16′ Snaplite™)


EliptiLock™ with its patented design builds the lock into the tubes. There are no parts to fall out or break! The outside tube is formed slightly out of round and the inside tube is equally out of round which creates the friction for the lock. The Eliptilock has become an industry favorite of many professionals and out sells any of our other poles.
Patented Internal Cam poles are made with a unique cam plug that has been pressed into the inside pole and has a cam or shoe that is easily replaced when worn. This lock comes in all Dually poles as well as 5009 and 5096.
Outside Lock has been an industry favorite since 1959 and is made of the strongest plastics ever made. the nylon male fitting is pressed onto the outside tube with a ton of pressure, so it won’t fall off. The female and ferrule fittings are easily replaced when worn.
Nylon Internal Cam or NIC This internal cam lock is designed to be a quick on and off lock. The cam itself has a drain hole inside to increase the water drainage speed when the pole is brought to surface.
Snaplite Skimlite’s newest lock design that allows you to slide and lock the pole at your desired length with a simple push of a button.