Leaf Skimmers & Rakes

Handmade in the United States
For over 50 years, Professionals and Homeowners alike relied on Skimlite quality leaf skimmers and rakes. Today we make over 15 models and designs.

Skimlite's Maxi Series: M-16
Skimlite's Maxi Series incorporates many of the great features of our previous models into our newest and patented design. The pocket "stays" are sewn into the pocket to to create a large opening for skimming, yet closes when pulled straight back. Using the Maxi Series like a brush on the bottom of a pool makes cleaning even the dirtiest of pools a snap! By keeping the pocket open, emptying this rake is easier. Whether you use the leafing edge or the rounded edge of the protective tubing, the Maxi Seri es allows debris to float into the pocket with every little effort. All of the components of the Maxi Series are replaceable and can be done while at the pool. The Maxi Series comes in 12" (M12), 16" (M16) and 16" coarse mesh (M80)


Durapro Series
This patented design uses pure original plated spring steel frame which won't rust, corrode or break under normal use. The net is adhered to the frame with our patented method and has a protective vinyl tubing around the frame that can be replaced when worn. The square 8" (SS8) , 16" rake (SS16) and 16" coarse mesh rake (SS88) come with a replaceable leafing edge. The SS4 has a pocket in a square frame and the SS10 has a 10" pocket in a rake style frame.

Stainless Steel Leaf Skimmers and Rakes
In 1954, Skimlite combined the strength of 304 stainless steel and plated spring steel fabricated to a solid aluminum handle to create the first light weight skimmer for the swimming pool industry. This patented design is still available today in round, square and rake style frames with pockets of 4" (R4 or S4) , 8" (R8 or S8) , 10"(RKFC) and 16"(R16) depths. Also available is a very coarse mesh screen used in heavy leaf conditions (RK88). These original leaf skimmers and rakes are made to provide many years of use for the commercial pool application or homeowner. The protective vinyl tubing can be easily replaced when worn, while the netting and stainless steel need to be rescreened at the factory.