A History of Excellence

Over 50 Years of Quality
In 1954, after cleaning swimming pools with heavy equipment, Robert Conrad designed and patented the first light weight leaf skimmer and started Skimlite Mfg. Realizing the demand for better equipment, he continued to design many other needed products and received another three U.S. Patents. In 1958, Jim Conrad started working at Skimlite Mfg. in the summers and after school and continued to fill the needs of Skimlite's customers. After many years of striving for quality he too created many more new products, and since has been issued six U.S. Patents. In 2010, Barrett Conrad, now the third generation has taken on the task to continue the excellence and maintain our company slogan of "Quality that pays for itself" We like to think of ourselves as a company that is large enough to serve, but small enough to care. We listen to our customers and will never compromise quality no matter what the costs. By sourcing and making all Skimlite products 100% in the United States, not only do we preserve American Quality, we preserve American Jobs.