9000 Dually Series

Double Locking for that extra security
The Dually was created when we realized there was a demand to make a hybrid out of the 5000 series internal/external locking mechanisms. With this pole you can lock both external and internal locks for more locking power on jobs that demand the most. You also have the option to only use one of the locks for quicker and lighter jobs.

(O)(C) 9012 – (6’ to 12’) Two Piece
(O)(C) 9018 – (6’ to 18’) Three Piece
(O)(C) 9016 – (8’ to 16’) Two Piece
(O)(C) 9024 – (8’ to 24’) Three Piece


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9000 Dually Series
5432 Series
8000 Fiberglass Series
3006 Series
5000 Series
E-Z Ship


*All lengths, depths, and sizes are approximate*

9000 Series